Alcatel Switchboards – Durban

Alcatel PABX is Durban's leading PABX company supplying all types and sizes of businesses, whether you are a retail store, large corporation or warehouse Alcatel PABX will be able to offer the best possible service and technical support, making sure you get the full advantages of your PABX system to meet you business's needs. Alcatel PABX will offer the best solution for your company, by making sure our premier PBX installers visit you location and perform a full assessment, by doing this we not only are able to ensure you receive the correct system but we are also able to offer you a cost saving s that will lower you businesses expenses.

Allow us to offer a cost savings plan to your company by requesting a quote on an Alcatel PABX system.

Alcatel PABX supplies Alcatel Switchboard systems to all main centres in South Africa, including Cape Town and Johannesburg.